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How long should I plan on being there?
If you're doing a tandem skydive, it'll take about 1/2 a day. The static line course takes 5-6 hours of classroom instruction, then your jump. Plan on being here all day.

What should I wear?
Dress for the weather. You'll be wearing a jumpsuit over your clothes, so if it's hot out, dress light. You should also wear comfortable tennis shoes.

Does it feel like you're falling?
No, the sensation is more like floating than falling. The parachute ride is quiet and awe inspiring.

How hard does it jerk when the parachute opens?
You will definitely know something is happening, but few people complain of discomfort or pain.

Do you use rectangle or round parachutes?
All of our main parachutes are "ram-air". "Ram-air" is a highly developed square parachute (rectangle in shape, but we call it square). The reserve parachute on our static line rigs is also square.

What happens if the parachute doesn't open?
In the unlikely event the main parachute doesn't open properly, every parachute system has a reserve parachute on the top of the container. All reserve parachutes are packed and inspected by FAA certified parachute riggers. Our tandem and student gear is also equipped with modern AAD's (automatic activation device). The AAD is a backup system only.

Isn't the landing like jumping off a two story building?
No.  If that were the case, there wouldn't be any skydivers, we'd all be in the hospital. Early parachutes landed you pretty hard, but the landing under a modern "ram-air" parachute is more like hopping off a step about 2' high.

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