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Here is our photo page with some jumps we've made recently.  The Flag Jump photo on the main home page was taken just following 911.  

At the bottom of the page are links to a couple of videos.  Let us know what you think!  

If you have photos of jumps you've made at Blue Skies that you'd like to see added, please e-mail them to the webmaster and we'll review them for addition to the site. 

B-17 Jumps:

Tandem Skydives:

Sweet Exit!!!!!! Nice landing Getting Excited!!!! Am I late??? Exit!!! Time To Open I think she is a bit scared!!! Opening Shock!!!  With DZO Joe ARCH!!!!! One happy tandem passenger Another fun tandem! Time To Land I think she likes it!!! John Woodcock in mid-flight Now THAT'S a happy Tandem Skydiver! We're Next!!! Joe and his tiny passenger! Charles does a tandem at 78 years old!!! Ready To Fly!! Here we go!  Wait, we forgot Dave! Rick and his passenger

Students, Fun Jumps, & Formations oh my!!

We all start here first, In Dave's classroom! A couple of our Static Line Students Happy Landing!!!! Landing under the Rainbow Nice landing!! Lynn, Debbi, Billy Launching from Gonzo 6-Way Formation Skydive Nice Seven Way Formation Tony on his back!!! Time to Go!!! James "Eyebrows" in flight! Now that's an exit!!! Show us those "moves" Tony! Tony the dead bug! Dave S. In a Sit! Yes, the camera guy is head down! 96 Year Old Skydiver at Blue Skies It's not cold, I alway jump like this...... I'm not Scared...... yet! Watch that first step...... Static Line Exit Here I Go!!! That's a pretty parachute!!!! Super Troopers with our own Farve! What the heck is that round thing???? Flare!!!! Another nice parachute in the air! Rick in a sit! Mike and Debbie Scott brings it in for a landing in front of the mountains! Rick Frazer at your service!!! Mountain View Landing Dewey with the flag Building the formation with Dave, Mark, Lori, and Leigh Big John ready to go!!!! Nice exit!!! Sunset Landing...... Scott Callentine flying WITH the plane! A quick 1 point RW jump with Lynn Beckhorn Dave S. & Dave F. at our 4th of July Demo DZO Joe landing at the 4th of July Demo Lori with smoke at the 4th of July Demo Scott C. at the 4th of July Demo Nice View!!! Here comes Dave Frazer! Sunset jumps are always cool!!! One of our Pilots doing what he does best.... Seven Way Formation From Above

Fun on the ground:

An awesome picture taken January of 2005 Jumping with the girls!!!! One fun weekend with the caravan and Kapowsin RUN! "Kat" pied for her 100th Skydive!!! Story Time With Pappa Rick! Happy Family WAHOOOOO!!! Our scenic drop zone. What did he do to deserve this??? Here it comes!!! The Attack!!! What a good sport!  Congratulations Katie on your 100th Brent "Stiffler" Pied after his 100th You want this to open... right? The dropzone just before pull time! (large photo) Nice indoor and carpeted packing area!!!! Busy afternoon packing!!! I like packing!!!! Who says I owe beer????? Here's to a good day!!  Rick and Bill Wow! Scott gets his Wings for 2000 Jumps Rick with his USPA Diamond Wings for his 2000th Jump! Lori gets her 12 hr Freefall Badge Practice your spotting!!!! Jay Get's Pied!!!! Jay Get's Pied!!!! Jay Get's Pied!!!!

And here are a few videos that we are proud of:

Here is a great introduction to the fun at Blue Skies Skydiving Adventures.  Click here for the Windows Media version, or Click here for the Real Player video.  (Both videos only 6Mb, so ok for dial up or high speed internet.)

For High-Speed internet connections (Cable, DSL, T-1, etc...) Click HERE for the video "Welcome to Blue Skies 2004!" video.  This is a LARGE file (12Mb).   

An even larger version of this video is available here courtesy of "Goggles N Teeth Productions." 

And a couple Tandem Videos:

Derek's Tandem Skydive video (Cable, DSL,T-1, etc...)  Click Here (19Mb)

Kirsten's Tandem Skydive video (for dial up 56k)  Click Here  (7Mb)

Here's Kirsten's video courtesy of YouTube!!!

**These videos are best viewed with Windows Media Player 10 or higher**  



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