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Sport Reserve Repack:


Rig wash:


Parachute repair/patch (sewing involved):


Parachute repair/patch (non-sew):


Main Parachute Inspection/Installation


Main Riser modification (dive loops)


Main Slider modification (pockets, etc..)


Main Detangle:


Harness/Container work/mod:

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Jumpsuit repair:

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Sport Reserve Repack
This includes a complete inspection of the container/harness system, inspection and repack of the reserve parachute, and inspection of all hardware.  Also included is an inspection of your AAD (if installed).
Main Parachute repairs
Parachute repairs are conducted on a case-by-case basis.  Most are small hole patches, however, some may be better left to the manufacturer.  Ask one of our riggers.
Other Rigging Needs
If you have other rigging needs than those that are listed, please let us know. 

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