Water Training

Attention USPA A-License holders seeking a B-License or higher!

Per the 2004 Skydiver's Information Manual (SIM):

Persons holding a USPA B license are able to exercise all privileges of an
A-license holder, perform night jumps, and must have:

a. obtained a USPA A license

b. completed 50 jumps including:

(1) accumulated at least 30 minutes of controlled freefall time.

(2) landed within ten meters of target center on ten jumps.

c. demonstrated the ability to perform individual maneuvers (a figure 8, backloop, figure 8, backloop) in freefall in 18 seconds or less.

d. documentation of live water landing training with full equipment in accordance with the procedures in the Skydiver's Information Manual.

e. passed a written exam conducted by a current USPA I, I/E, S&TA, or USPA Board member.

The sign up list is on the bulletin board at the dropzone or e-mail: webmaster@blueskiesskydiving.com.



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